Otonashi Yuzuru - Angel Beats

Next time kasi wag ng mag-paulan. Yan tuloy nagkakasakit ka.

Gosh.. wag po. Graduation ko bukas -_-

Afternoon’s dream

I was running
I was running because I’m scared to be part of a fight.
I was with my friends.
We were all running because of the same reason.

I went on that direction.
For I know it was the right way
But I found myself,
being lost in void

I’m looking for my friends.
Calling their names
But there’s no voice coming out of my mouth
I was lost,maybe this is not the right way.

The enormous darkness
Covering this unknown path
Making me with the state of uncertainty
Loosing the little hope I have for myself

Luckily it was only a dream
But I feel it has something to do with me
Is this the path I will take alone?
Is this the path I was destined for?

"After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week."

(via sensxal-bliss)

Basically my entire high school

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"Be good to people. Even the shitty ones. Let the assholes be assholes. You’ll sleep better."
- Adam Gnade (via clatite)
"Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of the rest of our life."
- 30 Truths I’ve Learned in 30 Years (via skeletales)

Growing up is really scary…

Circle Friends.. haha.. Circle of cheaters is the right name for your group.

Eh natatamaan pala kayo eh! Ang kakapal talaga! may gana pang sabihin na pag-usapan na lang natin. What the heck! You’re swallowing your words. Damn!

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