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In your life,
there are times when you can’t even take a step forward
because it is pitch dark in front of you.
However, as time passes by, that could be nothing at all.
The current situation may not be as bad as it seems now.
So, push on through!
- 풀하우스 TAKE2 (via yeaheis)


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Good Doctor quotes 

There is no one who is good at everything. But there is also no one who is bad at everything. - 박복녀 (Korean Drama The Suspicious Housekeeper)

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A person who’s been rejected, before facing up to the reality, goes through five stages of grief. The first one is anger. The second one is denying reality. The third stage is bargaining. The fourth stage is depression. Finally, the stage of acceptance comes. Going through the agony of loss, in order to cure the pain, a person goes through these stages of grief. However, women and men are very different in this stage. Women try to make a better self, or try to meet a better man. So they focus on self-development. On the other hand, for men…They show signs of self-destruction, or due to the unbearable feelings of loss, they are much more distressed than women. - Do Min Joon (You Who Came From the Stars)

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The sincerity is usually hiding behind. Since it’s so shy and delicate, the more you push it and yell at it, the deeper it hides. There is only one way to deal with it. Until the sincerity raises its head itself, you just have to meet its eyes and listen to its words. If you wait while putting your words and thoughts aside, the sincerity just pops up before you know. Any sorts of pretense or haughty advice can’t be a real comfort. Comfort is usually created at the moment when sincerity is shared. - Binggeure (Reply 1994, Episode 9)

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Otonashi Yuzuru - Angel Beats


Yuzuru Otonashi - Angel Beats! Ep. 6

Stop it! Don’t erase her with a fake memory! Our lives were real! Not a single moment of them were fake! Everyone lived the best they could! We carved those memories into ourselves! Memories of living as hard as we could! No matter what kind of lives they were, they were our lives! Erasing them in the blink of an eye like that… Wasn’t your life also real to you?!

Voice Actor: Kamiya Hiroshi

Afternoon’s dream

I was running
I was running because I’m scared to be part of a fight.
I was with my friends.
We were all running because of the same reason.

I went on that direction.
For I know it was the right way
But I found myself,
being lost in void

I’m looking for my friends.
Calling their names
But there’s no voice coming out of my mouth
I was lost,maybe this is not the right way.

The enormous darkness
Covering this unknown path
Making me with the state of uncertainty
Loosing the little hope I have for myself

Luckily it was only a dream
But I feel it has something to do with me
Is this the path I will take alone?
Is this the path I was destined for?

After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week. -

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Basically my entire high school

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